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12 September 2011 @ 05:58 pm

band of brothers fanart
medium // pencil

I'll meet up with you over there.  Bill. <3


I'm really happy with how this one turned out. I was particularly worried that Bill's face paint stuff wouldn't make any sense in a pencil drawing, but I think it worked out pretty good. :)

I can't say I'm too impressed with that grass, though. :/

feeling: cold
Sarah Van Buggenhoutduysterwoud on September 13th, 2011 01:48 pm (UTC)
wow, this is amazing. I can't even shower you with more effusive praise, because you've shocked me into silence. Mad respect for your drawing skills!
sunday trainssunday_trains on September 15th, 2011 12:58 am (UTC)
I'm glad you like it! :) Thanks so much.